Free Standing Cat Enclosures

Our free standing cat enclosures are custom designed and assembled at your home. There is no need to permanently attach the enclosure to a fixed structure, therefore, making them a perfect solution for rental properties.

All enclosures are made from lightweight black aluminium tubing and enclosed with Low-Vis cat net. The aluminium tubing comes in a black satin or mill (silver) finish. By using lightweight aluminium the enclosure becomes very portable thus being able to move from shade to sun and different locations in your garden. Depending on your preference with access all enclosures can be fitted with a zipper panel or hinged aluminium door. A tunnel is also another great option to provide direct access from your home.

For more rural areas where foxes and other predators are a problem galvanised steel tubing enclosed with wire mesh is a great solution. All galvanised steel enclosures come with a hinged door for easy access.

We have all you need for sturdy portable cat enclosures.

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View our recent Framed Cat Enclosures to see how you can extend or enclose an existing patio or entertainment area.
Your cat will enjoy being close by while blending with the outdoors.